Waste Water, the term is so self-explanatory that there isn’t much to add to it. The most important aspect, however, lies in the treatment of such water. Many industrial, commercial and municipal bodies discharge waste water. Food, dairy, oil, textile, chemical-almost every industry discharges waste water and it needs to be treated by using chemicals like coagulants, flocculants etc.

At Amit Industries, our wide range of Aluminum coagulants are ideally suitable for coagulating particulate & colloidal matters in different industrial effluent treatment plants. Many industries have used our specialized products to treat and discharge waste water. Our products are specifically formulated after extensive research in the treatment of such industrial waste water.

Our Waste Water Chemicals include:

  1. Aluminium sulphate (Solid, Liquid and Powder form)
  2. Ferric aluminium sulphate
  3. Aluminium hydroxide chloride
  4. Poly aluminium chloride