Generally boilers are used in various Industries to generate steam, which in turn generates power & heat. Boilers usually have two devices – furnace & boiler proper. Boiler proper is where the water is changed into steam due to heat from the furnace. The boiler feed water used in modern boilers require high quality water to operate efficiently and such water cannot usually be obtained from natural resources given that they are high in impurities which may cause poor heat transfer & hence reducing efficiency of the boiler.

In order to prevent such contamination, the feed water needs to be pre-treated chemically. At Amit Industries, we thoroughly understand the kind of chemicals required for treating such issues. We formulate chemicals to improve the maintenance and efficiency of industrial boilers. Our products have been tried & tested to prevent several problems associated with feed water such as scale formation, boiler water carryover, sludge deposition etc.

Our Boiler Water Treatment chemicals include

  1. Scale Inhibitors
  2. Corrosion Inhibitors (Oxygen Scavengers)
  3. Alkalinity Builders (Ph – Boosters)
  4. Sludge Conditioners
  5. Condensate Line treatments
  6. On – Line Boiler De-scalants
  7. Off – Line Boiler De-scalants
  8. Boil Out Chemicals (Pre – commissioning stage)