1. Manufacturers cum suppliers of Descaling Compound and doing good no. of descaling in and around of Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  2. Descaling to various types of systems such as compressors, condensers, Boilers, Economisers, Sintering Furnaces, IMA Furnace, Induction Furnace, Solar Heat Panels, Vapour Absorptions Machines, Water Pipelines LPG Compressors, Mig Welding Machines, DG Sets.
  3. Descaling to various types of industries such as spinning mills, Cotton mills, Oil Extractions Plant, Oil Mills, LPG Bottling Plant, Dredging Corporation, Hindustan Ship Yard, Paper Mills, Engineering Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Bulk Drugs and Rubber Industries, Coir Manufacturing Units.
  4. Descaling to all types of industries i.e, Defence, Central Govt, Shipping Corporation, Ordinance factory, DRDL, DMRL, RCI, HFL Oil extraction plants, textiles, hotels industries, Food processing industry.