When filtering liquids, it’s all about thinking small. Membrane filters in an RO plant separate the tiniest solids from fluids, which purifies the liquids and recovers the solids. Once separated, the two substances may then be reused so that nothing goes to waste. Membrane filters can turn murky water clear, almost magically.

But why do these membranes in RO units scale & foul?

Because of the calcium and carbonate ions, independent of each other, and due to concentration within the RO unit forcing the ions closer and closer together until they saturate and hold water. This precipitation needs to be addressed specifically using chemical treatment for an efficient functioning of an RO unit.

At Amit Industries, we have a complete range of RO chemicals to ensure that the membrane filters are cleaned periodically using specially formulated chemicals thus ensuring long life of the plant.

Our wide range of products include:

  1. Membrane Anti – Scalants
  2. Microbiocides
  3. Membrane Cleaning Chemicals
  4. Antiscalant for Multi effect flash distillation systems