Industrial units and manufacturing plants usually ted to reduce the consumption of fuel in their plants by optimizing various production processes to increase the overall efficiency by minimizing downtime and reducing emissions. However, there are a few challenges for heavy residual fuel in such industrial plants that need to be addressed with specifically designed technologies.

After a comprehensive study about the operational procedures across various industries, we, at Amit Industries have developed cost-effective and high-performing additives specially formulated to deliver satisfying results. Our products have been tried with satisfying customers and have shown results to improve combustion, fuel consumption, decrease particulate matter emissions, reducing maintenance hassles, reducing downtime, enhancing the fuel quality and stability which have resulted in extending the life of the equipment and thus improving overall system efficiency in various industrial units.

Our wide range of products include:

  1. Fuel Ionisor (Furnace Oil Additive)
  2. Soot Remover (Coal Additive)