A cooling tower, in simpler words, is a large heat exchanger where heat is taken from one body, which is usually water, and is transferred to air and is then discharged. There are different kinds of cooling towers used across various industries. When water is such an important aspect in the working of a cooling tower, it needs to be properly treated to avoid industrial complications. Entire purpose of treating water is to improve efficiency of the system, water conservation and maintaining the overall functioning of the equipment. Wrong or Improper treatment of water may result in energy loses, impurities that may form scales/corrosion making the system work harder impacting the economics of running a plant.

At Amit Industries, we have professional expertise and thorough knowledge about how the water treatment chemicals work in order to maintain the system efficiently. pH lowering chemicals, scale and corrosion inhibitor chemicals, high alkalinity & high hardness lowering chemicals, conductivity reducing chemicals to prevent super saturation and other type of mineral, acids and harsh deposit reducing chemicals will help in the efficient running of the industrial plant. We formulate our chemicals specially to address the above issues.

Our diverse range of products include:

  1. Bio dispersants
  2. Corrosion inhibitors for both hard and soft water
  3. Scale Inhibitors
  4. Corrosion inhibitors.
  5. Micro and Non-oxidising biocides for microbiological control activities in cooling towers and other cooling systems.
  6. On Line De-scalant