About Us

Amit Industries, incorporated in 1987 and commenced commercial business activities in the field of manufacturing & supply of industrial chemicals like water treatment chemicals, Waste Water Chemicals, fireside chemicals and RO Chemicals and since then is continually growing to be one of the leading companies, well known for the first class service, in the field of industrial water treatment chemicals.

Our manufacturing facility is based out of Hyderabad, India with several branches all over the country like Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Faridabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Vizag. At Amit Industries, we have a well-established diverse set of portfolios to cater to a broad range of industrial units. All our products are manufactured and shipped from our H.O. in Hyderabad to all major cities across the country.

At Amit Industries, our prime mission is to combine innovation and chemistry with the core principle of sustainability to address the diverse needs across various industries. We strive to seamlessly integrate state of the art technology with our core business values to create the best business service and a cost competitive advantage to our valued customers. Our approach to address the needs of the industry is backed by research & development support striving to achieve excellence through specifically addressing the issues and consistently providing customized solutions often exceeding the customer expectations.

“For every unique problem, we have a customized solution.”